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14U Softball (age 13-14)


14U League Description:

This division uses the 12” softball which is a hard feel ball.
Players will be taught basic fundamentals as well as advanced skills and strategies.
This level of play is the game of fastpitch without any limiting rules.
Each game date consists of two 5-inning games or other arrangements made by the coaches prior to the game start.
Games are played against local area community teams such as D.C. Everest, Medford, Antigo, Merrill, and Marathon.
Travel to these areas teams for away games is expected.
Transportation is provided by the parents. Teams are formed by the 14U Player Agent and VP of Softball to divide talent, especially pitching and catching.
For more information regarding this division please contact the player agent listed.


(AGE 13-14 as of DEC 31st)

First Game Starts

second week of June

Game Days

Tuesdays & Thursdays
Start at 5:30 Pm


Mid-June – end of July




$85.00 (includes a $20 fundraising fee)

What WYB&S provides:

WYB&S team-sponsored t-shirt provided to players. All balls, bats, batting helmets, and catchers gear provided.

What you need:

Glove and plastic/rubber or steel cleats are recommended. Long softball pants are recommended for sliding.

Field Locations:

Wausau East,West Softball Fields
Sunnyvale Softball complex
Other area teams’ fields

14U League player agent information (please contact for specific questions regarding this age group):

Tim Freiberg

Play-up to 16U is generally not recommended but girls can play in 16U if talent level and numbers of players warrants such a decision. Approval for this scenario should be considered and approved by the 16U and 14U player agents along with the VP of Softball.




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