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6U Soft ( 4-6)


6U SOFTBALL (AGE 4-6 as of 12/31/22)

First Game Starts

Week of May 8th, 2023

6U League Description:

This division uses the 11” flex softball which is a soft feel ball to minimize injury.

Players will be taught basic fundamentals to play the game of softball and the rules of the game. 

Each league game date skills will be focused on as well as game situations and settings.  This level is Coach pitch and tee use.   

Teams are formed based on the school attended by the player and classmates are attempted to be kept together.

For more information regarding this division please contact the player agent listed.

Game Days

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Early May –  Mid June
The games Start at 6.00 Pm


$60.00 (includes $20 fundraising fee)

What WYB&S provides:

WYB&S t-shirt to players. All team balls, bats, batting helmets, and catchers gear

What you need:

Glove and plastic/rubber cleats are recommended

Field Locations:

3M Park North/South

Schofield Park
Various Everest Fields when playing Everest teams

6U League player agent information (please contact for specific questions regarding this age group):

Brad Keene
Phone: 715-212-3914

Play-up to 8U is allowed with approval from the Fastpitch Softball Playup Committee




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