1. Discounts at Dick’s
  2. Concession Stand is open
  3. WYBS night(s) at the Woodchucks
  4. Umpire Clinic
  5. Opening Day!

CoachEs Corner

Reserve Practice Slots with this Google DOC (baseball)


Reserve Practice Slots with this Google DOC (softball)


Select the field you would like to reserve to open up available slots

Concussion Training

All coaches are required to take the concussion training.  Click here for a the link to the the training.  

Little League Rulebook

Visit or download the Little League app in the app store for a copy of the rulebook.  

Medical release forms

Coaches, please collect the medical release form from your parents and keep them with you during practices and games.  If a situation arises and a parent isn’t available, these documents are your resource to help out any kid in case of injury.  

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