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Softball Minor (age 9-10)


Minor League 

The minors is a player pitch league (age 9-10) with a focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and the development of all baseball skills.  All field sizes meet Little League International requirements as follows: 46 feet from pitching rubber to home plate. 60 feet baseline length. Please visit for more info.


$80.00 (includes $20 fundraising fee)

All-Star tournament play

All-Star tournament play will begin in July. Players are nominated and teams are formed by the coaches of the league. The all-star team(s) will play in the District 5 Little League tournament with the winner advancing to the Little League State Tournament. The all-star season has the potential to last into the first week of August.

Regular Season

Last week of April to the last week of June. First game will be the last week of April (weather permitting). The City Tournament will play the third and fourth week of June.

Player Evaluation/Draft

Yes, teams are completely redrafted each year. Parents will be notified of team assignments subsequent to the draft. Team Coaches are responsible for contacting players after the draft.

Player Evaluation Info

Location: Wausau East High

Date: March 16, 2024 Time:TBD

Minor League Commissioner

James Kramer (

Field Locations

Game days

Mondays & Wednesdays

Play-up Requests

Play up/down requests need to be emailed to the league commissioner and approved by the board of directors.  If your player is requesting to play up/down, he/she will be required to attend the appropriate league try-outs. 




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