League Rules

2022 Central Wisconsin Junior League

All play will follow the official babe ruth rule unless documented below:


1. Home coach declares the game 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start. Coaches should then communicate with players and families using texts or group messaging apps.

2. BBCOR or USA bats may be used. USSA bats are not allowed.

3. Metal cleats are allowed in Babe Ruth.

4. Teams are allowed to start the game with 8 players. No game should start with 7 players. Teams may “borrow” a player from the opposing team under the forfeit rule.

5. All teams will use a continuous batting order and bat all players during the game. Unlimited defensive substitutions are allowed during league play to complement the mandatory play rule.

6. Run Rule: a game will be finished when after 4 innings complete, a team is up by 10 runs. Game length will be 7 innings or 2 hours. An inning starts when the 3rd out is made. No new inning shall start after 2 hours (please note exact game start time so this can be determined). No ties, California rule will apply if a game is tied after 7 innings. Start the inning with a runner at 2nd base (last out of the previous inning), with one out and a 0-0 count. Games can exceed the two hour time limit if they are tied and playing the California rule. There must be a league approved adult in the dugout at all times and kids need to stay in the dugout at all times unless they are warming up.

7. Suspended Game Rules: If a game is suspended due to rain, darkness, natural event: A game is
considered complete if you completed 5 innings (or 4 1/2 if the home team is winning) before the
suspended game is called. If less than 5 innings played (4 1/2 if home team is winning)

  • You resume the score, inning, runners, balls and strikes identical to the point where the
    game was suspended
  • A pitcher is allowed to “restart” pitching again as long as they have the correct number of
    days rest (https://www.mlb.com/pitch-smart/pitching-guidelines/ages-13-14).

8. Player Eligibility: Players in younger grades may play up. A player can play down if they are age qualified (born after April 30th cut off date). If a 9th grade player is currently playing high school baseball they must follow WIAA rules and regulations during the high school season. If a 9th grader is on a Legion or Jr. Legion Team, they may not play in this league. Players must play in at least 4 league games to be eligible to play in the league tournament. If you are 16 years of age prior to April 30 you can not play in this league.

9. Pitchers: Pitchers are not allowed to wear white sleeves of any length while pitching. Sleeves must be a solid dark color. Also, pitchers may not wear sunglasses while pitching.

10. Courtesy Runner: Courtesy runner is allowed for catcher and pitcher. Last out or any bench player that did not play defense last half of the inning.

11. Player Ejection: What is the penalty for a player that is affected during a game – should be a suspension of one or two games?

12. Pitch Count for League/Travel Ball: There is a pitch count for this league (see table below), if
you pitched on the weekend that goes towards your pitch count for the week.


Pitch Counts:

  • 1-20 pitches in a day is zero days rest
  • 21-35 pitches is one calendar day rest
  • 36-50 pitches is two calendar day rest
  • 51-65 pitches is three calendar day rest
  • 66-95 pitches is four calendar day rest
  • Max Pitch count in Majors is 95 pitches
  • If the threshold is reached during a batter, the pitcher is allowed to finish the batter.
  • If a pitcher makes 41 pitches in a game, he/she is not allowed to play catcher in the same game.
  • The visiting team is the official pitch count recorder. The home team is the official score book. With both of these, both teams should keep track & compare as often as needed to ensure accuracy.

13. All teams in the league will qualify for the league championship tournament and seeding will be based on winning percentage. Will play each team in the league once to determine seeding. Additional games scheduled by the coach will not count in the standings or for seeding purposes.

  • Seedings determined by winning percentage
  • Head to head
  • Games completed
  • Coin toss