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Baseball Tee Ball Age 5-6



Tee ball is a form of youth baseball that is designed for children between the ages of 4 to 6 years old. It is an introductory level of the sport and focuses on building basic skills and promoting fun and participation. In tee ball, a batting tee is used to hit the ball instead of pitched balls, allowing players to experience success at the plate and develop their confidence. The rules and regulations of tee ball are adjusted to make the game more accessible for younger players, including smaller fields, lighter equipment, and modified scoring systems. Tee ball provides a safe and enjoyable environment for young children to learn the fundamentals of baseball and start developing a love for the sport.


$60.00 (includes $20 Fund Fundraising fee)


Early May –  Late June

What WYB&S Provides

WYB&S provides team uniforms to all players. We also provide team balls, bats, batting helmets, and all the field gear needed to play a game.

What you need

Each player needs to bring a glove.  Baseball pants and rubber cleats are recommended but not required.  While the league provides bats and helmets, you may bring your own as well.  

Tee-Ball League Commissioner

Todd Koback (

Field Locations

Game days

Monday & Wednesday

Play-up Requests

Play up requests can be communicated to the league commissioner and are approved by the board of directors. 




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