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Wausau Youth Baseball & Softball would like to welcome you to become a volunteer within our program. Below is a description of volunteer roles and expectations of our league.


Team Manager: 

As a manager, you are in charge of the team. The manager will set the tone for the team and is expected to be a leader. WYB&S is fully aware that most of us work and have outside commitments. You will be expected to make most games and most practices but you can call on your coaches and parents to help out. In addition to coaching the team you will need to communicate the practices, games, concession stand schedule, and any other duty a parent can help with. All of this is easily manageable through your Team Wall or smartphone app called SI Play. You may assign a volunteer parent to any of these duties.


Team Coach: 

​As the coach, you are there to help the manager or take on the role of coaching the team. The dynamics of the team are determined by the cooperation of the manager and everyone helping. The coach can accept any role agreed to between the manager and coach. The manager and coach usually occupy first and third-base coaching positions during offensive play.


Team Assistant Coach: 

​The assistant coach usually occupies the dugout and keeps the book, whether it be digital or handwritten. It is important that all participants know the pitch count of the pitchers for the week. You will also keep the kids in check with proper behavior and encourage team participation.


Team Parent:

​​As a team parent, you can take on any role described above, as needed. The team parent plays a big role during practices and can make a big impact on the positive atmosphere within the team. The single biggest role the team parent can provide is managing who operates the concession stand when the team is called upon.



​As a volunteer umpire, you play a big role in ensuring the rules are followed as set forth in the LIttle League handbook, or Babe Ruth handbook and provide a consistent atmosphere during games. WYB&S strives to provide quality umpires through clinics held before the season begins. Click here for the umpire compensation schedule.


Player Agent:

​​As a player agent, you will be responsible for organizing and scheduling teams within the specific age group being managed. Each age group will consist of teams with rosters of 10 to 13 players. These teams will be scheduled to accommodate approximately 12 games during the regular season. The player agent will assist the Vice President of Baseball/Softball with picture day, equipment handout, and maintain the concession stand schedule with other player agents. Additionally, with the assistance of the Vice President, for the Minor (9-10), Major (11-12), and Junior League (13-15) age groups you will be responsible for organizing tryouts and draft of each team.

Concession stand volunteers do not need to sign up


1. Sign up in the registration system just as you would for your child. (Does not apply to a player agent)

2. Complete the concussion certification and upload the certificate during registration

3. Notify the Vice President of Baseball/Softball or player agent of your intentions




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